With an average altitude of four thousand kilometers, traveling to Tibet is not an as easy as other places.

High Altitude Sickness

At present, it is the peak season for travelers to have a tour in Tibet. With an average altitude of four thousand kilometers, traveling to Tibet is not an as easy as other places. You must pay attention to the following environmental conditions such as the high altitude sickness, changeable weather, strong sun rays, oxygen shortage, Tibet Travel Permit, and so on. Among the numerous difficulties you will meet, the high altitude sickness plays an important role and become the biggest worry for most travelers. In my opinion, if you are healthy enough, you have no need to worry about the high altitude sickness. Today, I’d like to share something about the high altitude sickness.

What is the High Altitude Sickness? What is the Symptom?

High altitude reaction is the natural physiological reaction of a human body after reaching a certain altitude because of the air pressure difference, low oxygen content and air drying. Common symptoms include a headache, dizziness, shortness of breath, chest tightness, insomnia, vomiting, purple lips, lack of appetite, fatigue, muscle soreness, etc.

Should I Take some Exercise Before Going to Tibet?

The high altitude sickness is the primary consideration for most travelers who plan to have a holiday in Tibet. If you feel good, you can avoid it. However, in fact, there is no close relationship between the high altitude sickness and a person’s physical fitness. Just stay a common heart. The body will appear or light or heavy altitude reaction when people arrive on the high plateau for the first time. Therefore, maintaining a good mentality is the premise of entering the Tibetan.

Is There any Medicine That Can Prevent the High Altitude Sickness?

Before entering Tibet, you can take some medicine such as Nifedipinum, Nuodikang Capsules, and Suoluomabao Capsules. You’d better take them three days early before arriving in Tibet, which will help you prevent the high altitude sickness.

What’s the Best Way to Get Tibet in and out for the First Time?

Frankly speaking, each way has its own advantages and disadvantages. Normally, taking a flight to Tibet is more likely to suffer from the high altitude sickness, because the time for altitude acclimatization is short. But that is not to say that taking a train to Tibet has no possibility to suffer from the high altitude sickness. It relies on the personal fitness.

What are Your Suggestions about Entering Tibet for the First Time?

Remember, you should avoid walking too fast, running, jumping and taking shower too frequently. You should keep warm in case of catching a cold. Or the high altitude sickness will be more serious. About the food: you should drink more water, eat more fruits and vegetables, avoid smoking and drinking. What’s more, the butter tea can help you relieve the high altitude sickness.

Can I Get to Tibet If I Catch a Cold?

Influenza can cause the physical deterioration of the body, weaken the resistance, and lead to some dangerous high-altitude Diseases, such as Pulmonary Edema. If it couldn’t be treated soon, the life will be in danger.

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