Mt Everest is the highest mountain in the world.

How Long Does It Take to Climb Mt Everest

Located in the border of China and Nepal, Mt Everest is the highest mountain in the world. As it is known to all people, climbing Mt Everest is a dangerous trip for normal people without professional climbing skills. While there are still a large number of climbers travel to Tibet for the purpose of exploring the beauty of Mt Everest. Climbing Mt Everest means you need to overcome the potential dangers such as the changeable Tibetan weather, low oxygen content, and high altitude sickness. It is not a day journey due to the tough environment condition and height. How long does it take to climb Mt Everest on earth? A lot of trekkers and mountaineers raised this question and searched the answer online, but there is still no certain answer for this question. In order to help climbers and travelers have a better understanding of Mt Everest, I collect the amount of information online and make out a list of it. Here are some details about Mt Everest.

Routes for Climbing Mt Everest

Situated between Tibet and Nepal, Mt Everest can be climbed from both Nepal side and Tibet side, also known as the north side and south side. Northside refers to Tibet side which the road condition is a little difficult. While the south side refers to Nepal side which the road condition is easier than the former one. Trekkers and mountaineers always take the south side to set foot on Mt Everest. If you get to Mt Everest from Nepal, you must pass by the Kumbhu icefall – the moving frozen waterfall which is the only pass to reach the Camp one. According to the record, lots of climbers lost their lives at this place. Because the south side is popular than the north side, I will introduce the south side route in detail.

Camp One

The height of Camp One is about 6065 meters. Khumbu icefall is just located at the foot of Camp One. The temperature in Camp One is higher than other camps on Mt Everest. Then you will head to the other two camps.

Camp Two

The height of Camp Two is about 6750 meters. It is located close to the grand Mountain Lhotse. You can enjoy the grandeur of Mountain Lhotse here. Camp Two is very safe, and you can adapt to the high altitude sickness here.

Camp Three

The height of Camp Three is about 7100 meters. It is located at the foot of the Lhotse wall. This wall can be climbed by using a rope.

Camp Four

The height of Camp Four is about 7920 meters. This is the final camp on Mt Everest. After reaching Camp Four, you will arrive at the peak of Mt Everest.

How Long Does It Take to Climb Mt Everest?

The days for climbing Mt Everest relies on some certain factors, such as weather condition and physical condition. Due to the changeable climate, you need to rest for several days if the weather is bad. If you suffer from high altitude sickness, you also need time to adapt to it. Thus, the days for climbing Mt Everest is not certain. Normally, it takes climbers more than forty days to conquer Mt Everest. The best time to climb Mt Everest is in May. The weather is fine without heavy snow. The sky is clear without clouds, so you can see the peak of Mt Everest even you stand in a far distance. For normal travelers, you’d better have an Everest Base Camp tour which is safer than climbing Mt Everest.

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