The best time to plan a tour in Tibet is from April to October.

The Best Tibet Tour Time

Tibet is always regarded as the purest tour destination for travelers at home and abroad. There are lots of attractive natural scenic spots and humanistic inheritances. You can refresh yourself by visiting the original environment and traditional customs. While due to the complex terrain and geography, the air content in Tibet is low. So it is very easy for travelers to suffer from high altitude sickness. When is the best time for travelers to travel to Tibet? Here is a complete tour guide about the best time to visit Tibet.

Weather in Tibet

Take the capital city – Lhasa as the example, what is the best time to plan a tour in Lhasa? Located in the north side of Himalayan mountains, Lhasa is kept away from the cold air flows. The weather in Lhasa is warm, sunny, and dry. Winter is not cold and summer is not sweltering. The highest temperature is about 29 degrees, and the lowest temperature is about 16.5 degrees. The average temperature is about 7.4 degrees. The rainfall mainly focuses on July, August, and September, and the annual precipitation is about 500 mm. The daylight hours are above 3000 hours, therefore, it is also crowned as “City of Sunlight”. Benefit from the fresh air and warm sunlight, Lhasa is the ideal place for travelers who want to enjoy a cool summer. As the first tourist destination for travelers, Lhasa enters the peak tourist season from May to October. Most people think that the best time to get to Tibet is in July and August. But as far as I am concerned, the two months are not the right time to enter Tibet. There are three main reasons. The first reason is the strong sunlight. The second reason is the great number of travelers in Tibet. During this time, the prices of accommodation, food, and vehicle are higher than in other seasons. What’s more, July is the rainy season in Tibet. A lot of clouds floating in the air and shelter the summit of snow mountains. Therefore, the best time to visit Tibet is in May and October. If you travel to Tibet in May, you can see the flowers blooming on the high mountains. Tibet enters the fall in September. You can enjoy the grand snow mountains even in a far distance.

Best Climbing Time

If you want to climb some high mountains in Tibet such as Mt Everest, you’d better head to Tibet from April to May and September to October. Compared with fall, spring is regarded as the golden time to climb Mt Everest. The weather is fine and the air content is higher than in other seasons.

Best Tibet Tour Time

March and April are the best time to enjoy the blooming peach flowers in Nyingchi. June, July, August, and September are the best time to escape the heat in summer. And the scenery in those months is attractive and stunning. While if you want to save some money, you can choose the slack tourist season. Winter is the best time for those who want to have a cheap Tibet tour. All the prices of the accommodation, food, entrance fare, vehicle, etc will have a discount.

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