Tibet travel tips are very useful to those who plan to get to Tibet.

Tibet Travel Tips

Have you ever traveled to Tibet? Do you want to have a tour in Tibet? As the roof of the world, Tibet should be a must-see place for you. The scenery in Tibet is so unique and attractive with running yaks and sheep on the boundless grassland, flying birds in the blue sky, shining snow mountains in the golden sunlight, waving prayer flags hanging on the zigzag roads, etc. Just head to Tibet, late than be never. Today, I’d like to share some Tibet travel tips which are very useful to those who plan to get to Tibet. If you have any questions, please contact me.

Is it convenient for travelers to take a bath?

If you travel to some large places such as Lhasa, Shigatse, Zhangmu, Gyantse County, Tsetang, Myingchi, Ngari, bath equipment is available to you. Normally, the double room in Tibetan star-level hotel has an independent bathroom with hot water. The water is heated by the solar water heater. If the weather is not good, the water will be colder.

When you arrive in Tibet, you should avoid taking a shower. Because you may catch a cold and increase the consumption of physical strength. Then, you will have a greater chance to make the high altitude more serious. All in all, you need to spend time adapting to the high altitude sickness. There is no problem to take a shower after several days’ acclimation.

If I have a tight schedule, what is the best tour itinerary?

For those travelers who have a tight schedule, you’d better take a flight to Tibet. Four days Lhasa city tour and six days Lhasa – Gyantse – Shigatse tour are two best tour itineraries. You should contact your Tibetan travel agency and inquire about your tour. They will help you to tailor-made your tour.

What is the special Tibetan food? Where can I find it?

Tsampa, Buttered tea, yak beef, mutton jerky, yogurt, sweet tea, barley wine are the special Tibetan food. Local Tibetan tea house is the best place for travelers to experience the leisure life in Tibet.

If you want to taste more Tibetan food, you can Aluocang Restaurant next to the Jokhang Temple where provides diverse Tibetan dishes.

How about the weather in Tibet? Sweating summer, chilly winter?

In terms of weather, Tibet is a place where is suitable for travelers, except the northern Tibet and Ngari Prefecture. In summer, the temperature in the daytime is below 25 degrees, while it drops down to ten degrees at night. In winter, the temperature in the daytime is about ten degrees, while it drops below zero degrees at night. Therefore, you won’t feel hot and cold during the daytime whenever you go.

How about Tibetan scenery in winter?

Surrounded by grand mountains, Tibet is nearly a bare place without trees except for the eastern Tibet. Thus, the scenery in summer and winter is similar. While you can see lots of snow mountains and glaciers in winter. Winter is the slack tourism season. If you travel to Tibet in winter, you will save a lot of money on food, accommodation, vehicles, entrance fares, and so on. And the fewer travelers go, the better experience has.

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