It will be a wonderful journey when you travel to Kathmandu from Lhasa by overland.

Seven Days Lhasa to Kathmandu Overland Tour


At present, the itinerary from Lhasa to Kathmandu is very hot. Some itineraries include Everest Base Camp with the high altitude of five thousand and two hundred meters, which may make you suffer from the high altitude sickness. If you are looking for the itinerary which does not include Everest Base Camp, you can join this seven days Lhasa to Kathmandu overland tour. This itinerary starts from Lhasa, then visit some famous Tibetan attractions, finally arrive in Kathmandu. During this journey, not only can you enjoy the stunning views, but also you can explore the diverse geographies in Tibet and Nepal.

Day One: Lhasa Arrival

This is your first day in Lhasa. Your tour guide will arrive at the train station or airport in Lhasa in advance. When you arrive at the Lhasa train station or airport, you will meet your tour guide and be driven to your hotel. After a long journey, you should have a good rest in your hotel. Besides that, you also need time to adapt to the high altitude sickness.

Day Two: Lhasa Tour

After breakfast, you will go to the landmark of Lhasa – the Potala Palace. In the past, it was a winter palace for Dalai Lama. While, at present, it is a grand museum with the white and red wall, multiple steps, and hundreds of rooms. Walking in this palace, you will be astonished by the antiques, jewels, and Buddhist frescoes. In the afternoon, your tour guide will take you to visit the Johkang Temple. Every day, a lot of pilgrims from remote Tibetan areas come here to do pray in order to seek blessings. Around the Johkang Temple, Barkhor Street is a picture of busy. Travelers can buy some traditional Tibetan items and goods. Besides that, you can enjoy some teas and drinks in a local tea house.

Day Three: Lhasa Tour

In the morning, you will travel to Drepung monastery. This monastery was used as the center of government in ancient times. Later, it was replaced by the Potala Palace. Then, your tour guide will bring you to visit the Carpet Factory. In the afternoon, you will visit the famous Sera Monastery. In the afternoon from Monday to Friday, a hot Buddhism debate will be held. It’s very interesting and meaningful for travelers.

Day Four: Travel to Gyantse by Vehicle

Today, you will be driven to Gyantse from Lhasa. Along the way to Gyantse, you will have a rest to enjoy the beauty of Yamdrok-tso. This is a holy lake for Tibetans with charming scenery. Then you will see the Nanchan- Kangtsang glacier. In the afternoon, you will arrive in Gyantse.

Day Five: Travel to Sakya by Vehicle

Today, you will be driven to Sakya. Along the way to Sakya, you will visit three famous monasteries, including Kubhum monastery, Tashilhunpo Monastery, Sakya Monastery.

Day Six: Drive to Gyirong

The destination of today is Gyirong. You can enjoy the attractive scene along the road.

Day Seven: From Gyirong to Kathmandu

When you arrive at the Tibet Nepal border, you need to walk across the bridge. Then, you need to apply for Nepal visa to in order to travel to Nepal. You just pay for the visa about 30USD. When you meet your tour guide in Nepal border, you will be driven to your hotel in Kathmandu. Finally, you can start your tour in Kathmandu.

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