It is said that the Tibet Nepal Railway will be built in the coming years, which will be very convenient for travelers.

Travel to Kathmandu from Lhasa by Train in the Future

The news that a train will be built between Nepal and Tibet which has sparked a hot debate. It will be more convenient for travelers to travel to Tibet from Nepal. The Lhasa Kathmandu train will run at the speed of 120 to 160 km per hour. The whole direct distance of Shigatse Gyirong section will be about 540 kilometers. This railway will be the first line connected Lhasa with Kathmandu.

The Latest Information about Lhasa Kathmandu Train

According to the latest news, this railway is made up of two sections. The first section is from Lhasa to Gyirong-the border between China and Nepal. The second section is from Gyirong to Kathmandu. In 2014, the famous Qinghai-Tibet Railway is extended to Shigatse from Lhasa. But it is still under research. And the section one of Lhasa Kathmandu train will have a close connection with this new part of Qinghai-Tibet railway. In Nepal side, the government officials hope that this new railway could connect Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan cities together.

According to the diverse geographies between Nepal and Tibet, the speed of the train will range from one hundred and twenty kilometers to one hundred and sixty kilometers. Compared with Tibetan section, Nepal section is easier to reach the fastest speed because the road condition in Nepal is better than Tibetan section.

The Reason of the Construction of Tibet Nepal Railway

In order to enhance the economic, cultural and political communication between China and Nepal, the international conferences between two countries were held in recent years. Nepalese government firmly appealed to quickening the pace of the construction of China Nepal railway. The construction of the railway will deepen the study of Buddhism in Tibet and Nepal. it can also improve the development of the international trade in China and Nepal.

Transportation Between Tibet and Nepal

At present, there are two ways for international tourists to get to Nepal from Tibet. The first way is to take a flight. The second way is to take an overland tour. The selection of the transportation depends on your itinerary. For example, if you want to trek, hike, cycle in Tibet and Nepal, you have to take an overland tour from Tibet to Nepal. If you have a tight schedule, you can take the flight to Kathmandu.

Tibet Nepal Tour by Air

There are two direct fights flying from Lhasa to Kathmandu. The first flight operated by Sichuan Airlines takes off from Lhasa at 11:10, and arrives in Kathmandu at 10:30 (the local time). It takes travelers 1h 35m to finish the whole journey. You can take this flight every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. The other flight operated by Air China takes off from Lhasa at 11:50, and arrives in Kathmandu at 11:10 (the local time). It takes travelers 1h 35m to finish the whole journey. You can take this flight every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Tibet Nepal Tour by Overland

In the past, travelers could travel to Nepal from Tibet via Zhangmu Port. But it was closed after the 2015 Nepal Earthquake. Then, a new border called Gyirong Port was opened for tourists. If you plan a Nepal Tibet overland tour, you must pass by this border.

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